In The News

→ New SAT Has Stronger Focus on Reading
Although the relative word-count for the reading and math sections has remained the same from the old SAT, the new SAT reading contains more ornate diction and complex arguments, while the new math has more – albeit shorter – word problems. Read about it.

→ New SAT Practice Tests Available
For all you rising juniors out there, you can now take a "new" SAT practice test via Kahn Academy. Find it here, or on the College Board website here.

→ Detailed Redesign for Spring 2016 SAT
The College Board has now posted sample questions from the redesigned test that will go into effect March 2016.

→ Big Changes for the SAT
The SAT will get rid of the Writing section, do away with arcane vocabulary, and reset the top score back to 1600. Read the full back-story here.

→ Unveiling the Holistic Applications Process
A great article about the 'holistic' – and somewhat arbitrary – admissions process at U.C. Berkeley.

→ Meditation May Boost Test Scores
Another article from a while back about how students can potentially combat the intense stress they feel during standardized tests.